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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


1. Evaluate All Assets and come to a fixed figure.

2. Cap value of all assets at that figure. Value of assets always inherently remains the same, inflation is a fallacy. in short INflation is BS.

3. Money cannot be used to generate money, it is unstable and baseless.

4. Only way to increase money is if more assets are added and belong to the whole, regenerative assets include people whose skills last a life time and then disappear with them. These also have to be included and then adjusted with life and death. Discount value of individual's contribution when they die.

5. For every person born, the money in circulation has to be increased by the worth of that individual in skills, knowledge or production that he does. In death, this has to be reversed and the money has to be reduced by the same amount.

6. Same for destroyed property.

7. Lack of money-misuse will give rise to a power-economy where people trade social power as a currency. Power generation like wealth generation and misuse, this must be dealt with.

8. Money and Power are the two biggest inspirations of evil deeds in this world.

9. Flat Lending Strucuture.

10. No inter-lender trading, no complex financial trades or investments. Must be stopped. Wealth cannot be used to generate more wealth, brings inherent instability to the system.

11. Currency of material value, gold or silver. Fixed percentage, non changing over time.

12. Companies should rethink the stocks model to raise money or issue limited stock with full liability. Maximum of a hundred investors in any one organizations owning not more than one percent each.

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